Monday, July 12, 2010

2 WEEK COUNTDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I've been quite a slack ass on the blog front lately. Luckily I can't say the same thing for my training. I still have been doing my workouts, but every time I think about writing, something comes up & I put it off. I have been sleeping like shit, so insomnia would be the perfect time to write, but I choose to watch shitty reality shows @ that time. Unfortunately for me, not sleeping is a side affect when I get stressed out. So I've put off writing for over 3 weeks and after getting an email about my blog from Andrew, it pushed me to finally write again. My mind is going in a million different directions. The weird part is, it hasn't really hit me my race is almost here. The nerves for the actual race hasn't even hit yet. I'm more nervous about packing and getting everything together without forgetting anything. The NE was hit with an awful heatwave, which also hit Placid. Even though this is something completely out of my control, it is still playing games with my head. I've been checking the weather & luckily things are looking a lot better. Things are going well with my training & I've finally hit the taper stage. In my mind taper means a couple miles here, some miles there, relax & rest your body. Yeah, that's not exactly what it really means. I was told that I do shorter, but more intense workouts. Really? That's how my body is supposed to say hello to an Ironman? I guess so.

My swims have been good lately. I am officially shedding the $500 long sleeve wetsuit & am going with my free TNT sleeveless suit. I am so much more comfortable in that suit and I'm all about comfort on July 25. I've been swimming once a week in it. The problem is it's so hot in the pool that I tend to slow down when wearing it. I don't really see me getting too warm in the lake @ Placid, so I'm probably good on that front. I met with Andrew and came up with some strategies for my swim @ Placid. Even though I haven't had open water anxiety this season, I've never started with over 2000 people in the water fighting over a line on the bottom of the lake. My plan is to start pretty far over to the right & then make my way to the left. Fingers crossed that it works. I will end up swimming more then 2.4 miles, but if it helps me get past the people, I'll take it.

I'm satisfied with how I'm doing on the bike. I still think I'm slower then last year, but that's ok. I'm also riding 56 miles more and running a marathon after. I did 6 Kennesaw hill repeats 3 weeks ago. That workout knocked me on my ass. I definitely started a lot faster then I should've because my last one was 2 minutes slower then the 1st. It was also crazy hot out. I was supposed to do 2 repeats standing. I wasn't able to get up the whole thing standing. As a matter of fact, I think I probably was only able to make it a 1/4 of the way. In the same week my long ride was a Century. The 1st 40 miles were pretty slow. I couldn't climb, my legs felt tight & tired (I had an 18 mile run 2 days before). We hit a rest stop @ mile 50ish & somehow I got some major energy & power. I felt phenomenal until the last few miles. The sun & heat just got the best of me. This past weekend I had a 3.5 hour ride. I was supposed to take it easier then I did. My legs felt really good so I went harder and faster then I normally did. I paid for it @ mile 50. I just completely bonked. I took a GU which helped. I also was working out some things with my nutrition. I tried the potatoes, but realized I need to do them in the middle of the ride & not as a substitute for GU. I need it really to absorb the liquids in my stomach.

Oh man my runs are not exactly what I'd like them to be leading into a big race. My body rejects the heat like the plague. Seriously, it is beyond awful. I'm pretty sure I walk more then I run, even on 6 mile runs. I don't know why I haven't learned my lesson that I need to take it slow in the beginning & see how my body will do. Nope, not this genius. I end up paying for it in the long run. I had an 18 mile run a few weeks ago that went better then I expected. It was definitely tough, but I didn't feel like death was upon me until mile 15.5ish. I drank a ton, took salt pills & GU, but the heat took over my body. I made a deal with myself towards the end that I had to run on the flats or downhills, but I was allowed to walk on the uphills. Then last night I had one of my better runs since summer hit. I slept in, so I had to do my run @ night, which was still 90 out. I made sure that no matter what I did, I didn't go faster then a 10:15 minute mile & if my HR went above 160 I started to walk. It helped so much doing my run that way. This is exactly how I want to run my marathon @ Placid (although it will be 11:00 miles for the 1st part of the race). I was able to negative split with this strategy & felt like I could've done more. I needed this run because I was starting to get a little worried.

I can't believe IMLP is less then 2 weeks away. It's amazing how far I've come since January. There were so many times that I doubted myself & my ability. That doubt is what held me back. I know I can do it! Even though it will be crazy tough & push me to levels I never thought I could achieve, I will do it!!! I will be an Ironman!!!

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