Monday, June 21, 2010


SWIMMING 1:20 (3 days)
BIKING 4:30 (3 days)
RUNNING 2:05 (2 days with 3 bricks)

I seriously feel like a new woman after a forced recovery week. My body and mind were screaming at me to take a break. I felt guilty last weekend for only doing 96 miles instead of the scheduled 112. Believe me, if my body could've done it, I would've. This was the 1st time in training that I actually questioned whether I was capable of doing another workout. I was drained and hurting. Luckily Andrew listened to my body because I feel so much better now. At this point I am confident enough in my athletic ability to be able to cross the finish line in 16:59:59. Time shouldn't really matter to me, even though it does. I want to do the best that I can do. Who knows what my best will be on race day, but I know not finishing isn't an option.

I had a 2000 yard swim in my wetsuit again. My swim was slightly better this time, but not what I was hoping for. I had a difficult time breathing every 3rd stroke, so I just went with breathing to the right. I felt pretty uncomfortable. My arms just felt unbelievably heavy with each stroke. It's almost like they were super sore. I tried a few different things and ended up switching to my left side to breathe & I felt a lot better. I can't figure out what the problem is. It's not like I have a cheap wetsuit. I want it to work, but I don't think it is and it's quite frustrating. I have a 4000 yard swim on Wednesday which I'm going to use my sleeveless wetsuit. Hopefully this feels a lot better. If anyone wants to buy a Blue Seventy Helix size medium, I have one for sale!!!!!

It's amazing how short a 3 hour ride feels now. The 1st 2 hours were in a pretty shaded park, which was seriously like being in heaven. It was fairly hilly, but so is Placid...but worse! I then switched for the last hour to a new location to ride with some TNT Tri peeps. I wasn't going for time or distance on this ride. I really just wanted to ride with ease. I didn't want to work to hard, I wanted to enjoy it. Andrew mixed in a 10 minute interval that kicked by butt. I'm not used to pushing that hard for 10 minutes. I guess that could be part of my problem of not being a faster cyclist. I was amazed at how much of my day was left after 3 hours as opposed to a 6+ hour ride and 2 hours driving time.

I didn't have a long run this week, but the run I did have was pretty intense. Hot and humid is an understatement to the weather we've been having. I'm not sure if it's possible to hydrate enough in this. Luckily the 1st 20 minutes of my run were in a shaded neighborhood. After 30 minutes I then included 4, 10-12 second intervals. I think I reached 7:08-7:15 on all of them. Not bad for my 10:00 pace. Pushing myself in that heat was not fun. I stopped a couple of times under a tree to drink some water and try to cool down. It didn't seem like anything helped. This weather just drains you and makes every workout harder. I hope that one day before Placid the weather drops by 10 degrees to see what I'm actually capable of doing.

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