Sunday, July 18, 2010

1 WEEK TO GO FOR NUMBER 2557, PAMELA WIENER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am absolutely amazed that 1 week from today I will be completing an Ironman. This day creeped up out of nowhere. How did this happen? Is this what a parent feels like when their kid is 16 and getting their driver's license. I have been so consumed with thinking about everything that needs to be done prior to Wednesday morning when I leave, that it's really left me no time time to actually think about the race. I guess that's a good thing. I am really getting excited to see what I'm made of. People ask me all the time if I'm nervous or if I feel ready. The nervous part, in a way because I just really don't know what to expect. The ready part, I'm not sure if you ever feel truly ready for an Ironman, but I know I put in the time and effort. So yeah, I'm ready. Andrew sent me my last schedule of Ironman training and damn, it still seems like a lot! This week my legs felt so much better then last week. I still had some intense workouts, but for the most part I felt ok.

My swim on Monday I probably pushed slightly harder then I should've. I swam with other people, which I tend not to do, so I was going faster then if I was by myself. I made sure on Wednesday's 2000 yard swim to hold back a little and see if this was a pace I could sustain for 400 yards. I had some sprints thrown in there, but I was pretty pleased with how I felt.

Lucy Roo has been on a break since last Saturday. I got a new back tire and didn't want to abuse her before Placid on the trainer. She also is now on her way to Placid and we will meet again on Thursday when she's delivered. I had a couple of trainer rides and a 3 hour ride today. I was trying to hold back a little on the bike for my long ride. I was riding with a friend and there were times I looked down at my speed and thought, I feel good, but damn we're going faster then I wanted to. I would occasionally throw out that we needed to slow down. Our 2nd 1/2 was much slower, which was fine for both of us. I had 2 5 minute sprints that were tough on me. I was booking it and trying to get my HR up. Once the intervals were done, so were my legs. When I got off the bike though my legs felt pretty good. I have to make note that I've been riding my road bike and wow what a difference. I think after riding that I will be happy to be on Lucy Roo again. Lucy is so much more comfortable now. Kind of crazy after all the bitching I initially did.

I was not pleased with my long run this week. It was so hot and humid out that it sucked any energy that I might've had out of me. I tried taking it slow, but that wasn't working out too well for me. I ended up walking a bunch whenever I felt like crap. I'm not sure if it was the right decision, but I wanted to preserve any energy I had for next weekend. I didn't think it was necessary for me to push it too hard because I would receive no benefits from it. My other runs though were good.

If you want to track me go to There should be an athlete tracker on Sunday. You can track me by my name or bib number which is 2557. Fingers crossed that all goes according to plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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