Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time To Make The Donuts

SWIMMING 3:15 (3 days)
BIKING 6:45 (3 days)
RUNNING 1:55 (2 days, with 2 bricks)
WEIGHTS :45 (1 day)

I was at a bachelorette party last night and a few of the girls asked about my training and what it's like. I've thought this so many times, but I feel like Fred the baker in Dunkin Donuts' Time to make the donuts campaign. This training thing has become routine for me. There are some days I dread the workout, but I am seldom unhappy once I'm out there (with the exception of my shitty bikes). This is now life for me and I kind of like it. There are days I have no idea what I'm thinking when I tell people I'm doing an Ironman. In fact I'm almost embarrassed by it. It's just an insane, crazy, out of your mind thing to do. I guess also because I don't feel like someone would look at me and say, wow, that chick is going to be an Ironman. There are times when I tell people about it and the distances and my jaw drops. The other side of all this is it is F-EN awesome!!! 4 months from this past Thursday, I WILL be an Ironman!

Swimming tends to be my most relaxing discipline. When I get in the pool it's thinking time for me. This week I might've lost count on my 1x3500. I know it usually takes me less then 9 minutes to complete a 500, so when I lost track, I just went until 9 minutes for the set and then started my next abc's. That was a long time to be in the pool. I better get used to it because I'll be in the lake longer when doing Placid. I'm not a big fan of swimming next to someone and starting when we start at the same time if we're around the same pace. One of us is bound to get competitive and try and beat out the other one. I'll admit it's typically me, but not this week. Friday I was swimming next to a guy that I was probably faster then since I passed him when we didn't start at the same time. However the times we did, homeboy tried beating my ass. He was successful a few times...but only because I let him.

Some good news on the Lucy Roo front. I got a new compact crank, which I think definitely allows me to climb hills easier. Although I think the main thing that's going to make a difference in my biking is that I raised the seat. Saturday I rode with the TNT Cycling team. We did an extremely hilly course. The cycling team is doing Tahoe, which is really hilly. Instead of increasing the mileage like they've done in previous season, they're increasing the altitude. This was actually perfect for me. I didn't necessarily get in a lot of mileage during this ride because of the hills, but I got in saddle time which is what I need. I didn't get frustrated or pissed off once at Lucy. Man what a difference that made. It was such a refreshing change for me. I look forward to more bonding with Lucy.

This was a pretty light running week because of last weekend's 1/2 marathon. Today's run was a 60 minute with 10x10-12 second accels. Holy ouch! Once again, more hills for me. Doing accels up a hill is not easy. There were a couple I did longer then 10-12s (ssshhh, don't tell Andrew). I just wanted to make it up the hill, so it was more like 20-30s. I tend to be a decent hill runner. I think when I 1st started running I wanted to get up the hills as fast as I could, so that's how I "learned" to run hills. I'm guessing my thunder thighs and man calves also assist in the process. My legs are definitely feeling the weekend hills. The good news is it's actually a nice feeling.

My scapula has been feeling much better. There's still some pain and knots, but it's nowhere near as severe. I stopped the icing, but probably should continue. Massaging with a tennis ball has been extremely helpful. My neck and shoulders are super tight from yesterday's ride. I'm trying to stretch and self massage, which is helping a little. I need to relax my shoulders more when I ride. It was kind of difficult with all of the hills, but I know I'll benefit from it.

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