Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recovery Week=Lazy Feelings

SWIMMING 1:45 (3 days)
BIKING 3:45 (2 days)
RUNNING (1:55 2 days with 2 bricks)
WEIGHTS (:45 1 day)

AHHHH, once again another recovery week. I worked out every day and I probably did more then most do, but I felt like I did nothing. I'm ok with that because the workouts I did have, my body felt good and recovered. Today was probably my laziest day in a long time. I had no plans and didn't have to be anywhere until 5, so I spent most of the day in bed. My initial plan was to swim in the morning and run in the late afternoon. Yeah, the day didn't exactly turn out that way. I ended up doing both late in the day. The good news is I did them and I no longer feel guilty for just laying around all day. I think I needed it mentally and physically.

My swims were pretty low key this week. I had a timed 500 today and I did it in 7:52. Im pretty sure I knocked off ~12 seconds. I'm still doing a lot of drill work, which is fine by me because it really breaks up the monotony of a straight swim. I'm always looking for new drills to do and I found one that I love (thanks Natalie Conte from TNT). It's a breathing drill, which is good because I tend top breathe every other stroke. It's 6-10 sets of a 50 breathing every 3rd stroke (20 second rest) and then a 25 breathing every 5th stroke (15 second rest). By the last set I am wiped. I like it because it's such a challenge for me.

Saturday was an unbelievably gorgeous day for a ride. I don't know if it was the weather or me, but I felt really good on the bike. By no means was I speedy Gonzalez, but I didn't feel too challenged by the hills. Such a nice change for me. I was however ready for the ride to be over. For some reason it just felt really long even though it was only a little over a 3:00 ride. After seeing my sked for next week, 3 hours will feel like nothing since I'm scheduled for 4.5-5 hour ride.

My running seems to be getting better. I'm not necessarily getting fast, but I feel more fit when running. I think I could probably go faster, but I'm not supposed to and I don't really want to wear myself out too much. I wish I was naturally a faster athlete, but I'm not, so I'll just live with the fact that I'm a decent endurance athlete. I had a 3.1 run assessment on Wednesday and I knocked off some time. I did it in 24:23 which is a 7:52 pace and my average HR was 156 and high HR was 170. I guess the 21st will be a true test for my ability when I run the ING 1/2. Apparently it's a pretty hilly course, so we'll see. I'm definitely not expecting a PR, but like I said before, I just want to be comfortable and not sore the next day.

The shoulder is not really getting better, but I've been getting massages and am trying to be diligent with the icing. If you want to ask how the icing is going to make sure I'm doing it, feel free to nag away!

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