Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sick Week=Limited Training

Swimming 2:30 (3 days)
Biking 1:30 (2 days)
Running 0:00 (0 days)
Weights :45 (1 day)

Finally a post not complaining about the Atlanta weather. I was given strict instructions from Mr. Man (aka Andrew), that I needed to take it easy this week because I was suffering from a chest cold. If it was just congestion in my nose and a cough I would've been ok to workout as planned. However because it was in my chest he wanted me to do just enough exercise to get the blood flowing. I didn't feel awful or immobile, but my breathing was definitely off and had constant coughing when I worked out. Luckily a new training week starts tomorrow and I'm feeling much better (with just a little congestion). I'm kind of glad that this was my easy week due to the snow on Friday and the chill in the air every other day. I can't believe it actually really snowed here.

Swimming was probably the only thing this week when my breathing felt normal. Andrew had me do a 1x1500 on Wednesday. I had to stop 1 time for a coughing break, but other then that I was good to go.

I decided not to run at all this week. It was pretty cold, so outside wasn't an option. I also realized when I just did weights I was coughing a ton, so I didn't see running in the cards. I am getting slightly nervous about my 1/2 marathon next month. The most I'm running is 1:25. Now if I was a superstar, I could do a 1/2 marathon close to this time, but my 10:00 minute pace only puts me @ about 7.5 miles. I'm not sure if I'll be racing ING or just running it. For those who are confused by that statement let me explain. Racing means I'm going all out and trying to PR (personal record). Running it means I treat it like an normal training run. Rule of thumb when training is you should do an effort of about 80%. I know I'll be fine, but I just want to make sure no injuries creep up on me.

Biking this week was strictly on the trainer and @ an extremely easy resistance. I wanted the intensity enough to get my legs moving, but that was the extent of it. I was able to get in 2 trainer rides & that felt sufficient. Andrew knows better then me, so I was listening to him. This upcoming week I have a 4 hour ride on Saturday. I hope the weather holds up and I can ride outdoors. Of course today it was in the 50s and sunny. My consolation prize was I got to spend time with one of my nephews and niece.

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